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Notice of LOGO replacement in Guangzhou Aosong Electronics Co., Ltd.

Release Time:2018-01-29 Reading Volume:4

Respected customers, partners:

First of all, thank you very much for your trust and support to Osson Electronics. Here to mark your sincere wishes and greetings! 

In order to further enhance the company's corporate image, create industry brands, improve brand impact and competitiveness, the company has registered a new Logo, starting from today's new LOGO logo officially launched. The new LOGO display as follows:

The company's main website, product publicity, technical information, product laser code, packaging, employee business cards and other Logo will be gradually replaced by the new Logo. in this period, the new logo and the old logo have the same effect.

Please forgive us for the inconvenience caused by the Logo replacement. We would appreciate it!

I hereby inform you! 

Guangzhou Aosong Electronics Co., Ltd.

 December 1, 2017