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Impact of moisture on agriculture and forestry

The definition of humidity: the less water vapor is contained in a given volume of air at a given temperature, the drier the air; the more moisture, the wetter the air is. The degree of dryness of the air is called "humidity". In this sense, the absolute humidity is commonly used. Relative humidity, relative humidity, mixing ratio, saturation difference and dew point are expressed as physical quantities; if the weight of liquid water in wet steam is expressed as a percentage of the total weight of steam, it is called the humidity of steam.

The instrument used to measure and record humidity is called a humidity recorder.

The effects of humidity on agriculture and forestry are as follows:

1.  Too low moisture in foggy forests can lead to soil and plant water loss and production reduction in agriculture.
2.  Humidity is also a very critical measure in the forestry and forest industry. In sawmills, people tend to water the wood that accumulates there. The wood itself has its own humidity, The humidity in the air is gradually approaching the humidity around the air. The change in humidity in this wood will lead to a change in the volume of the wood, which is very important to the forest industry.
3.  When storing wood, it is necessary to keep the air in direct contact with it in all directions, so as to avoid wood deformation or mildew. When laying the floor, it is best to leave the wood on the floor in the house for a day or two, so that it is the same as the humidity in the house. Otherwise, the wood on the floor may stretch or shrink after laying.