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Brand Story
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Brand Story

2003:  Guangzhou AOSONG Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established to become the first mass production of humidity sensor manufacturers.
2005:  using thick film technology to develop the first domestic humidity-sensitive capacitor.
2009:  humidity sensitive products at home and abroad cumulative sales reached 5 million.
2012:  use magnetron sputtering technology, optimize the production process, products are exported to the United States, Japan, Canada and many other countries.
2015:  adopt semiconductor production process LPCVD technology, quaternary coplating, product quality leap, passed the National Institute of Metrology certification, reached the top level in the world.
2016:  more than 250 million humidity products have been sold, and more than 20 patents have been obtained from national high-tech enterprises.
2017:  with the successful development of gas sensors and flow sensors, Auson works with all business partners to create brilliant future.
2018:  successful production of gas sensors, flow sensors, absolute humidity sensors.