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Several important reference factors for selecting temperature and humidity Meter

Release Time:2018-03-31 Reading Volume:0

Because of different measuring principles of temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity instruments are varied, so the actual application environment and requirements of the users should be considered, such as range, output and display, installation mode, sampling mode, gas type, material and structure. Control monitoring requirements, environmental hazards, etc.

In addition, the following factors should be taken into account:

Cost performance:  when selecting temperature and humidity instruments, we should not only consider the low price, we should choose the comprehensive price and performance. This includes price, life, maintenance, check cost.

Calibration:  the method of calibration and whether it is easy to consider, even if you do not need high accuracy results. For on-site and in situ convenient calibration of the instrument will save you work.

Durability:  hygrometer sensors and enclosures should consider whether they can withstand condensation, drying, limiting temperature, dust, chemistry, or other pollution.

Quality, reliability, average life:  when the quality is not good, we can start from the overall impression, inspect the quality appraisal and the standard of leaving the factory, examine the history, reputation, market possession and application of the manufacturer, the famous brand product is better than the general product. Professional manufacturer's products are better than one manufacturer's, consulting other users is also a good method.

Adaptability:  when using condition is not single, we should consider the adaptability of instrument. Battery tester phase sequence meter, multimeter, power meter, oscilloscope, resistance tester, resistive meter, ammeter, clamp meter, Gao Si meter, electromagnetic field tester.

Interchangeability:  hygrometers are generally expected to be used interchangeably or other probes to match your mainframe.

Maintenance:  check the time requirements for regular cleaning, updating and replacement of hygrometers.

Standby:  spare parts are indispensable to most users. Check whether suppliers can provide spare parts on time.

After-sales service:  is there a warranty, maintenance and service agreement. Choosing the appropriate temperature and humidity measurement instrument will provide your work efficiency, reduce the workload, and bring benefits to you and your production.