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Working principle of temperature transmitter

Release Time:2018-03-31 Reading Volume:0

I.  Introduction to temperature transmitter

 temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts a temperature variable into a transmissible standardized output signal. The power supply of the temperature transmitter must not have a spike, otherwise it is easily damaged. The temperature transmitter should be calibrated every six months. If the DWB is unable to make a linear correction due to circuit constraints, it is best to select the range to ensure its linearity.

II.  Role of temperature transmitters

A temperature transmitter is a device that converts a physical measurement signal or an ordinary electrical signal into a standard electrical signal output or can be output in a communication protocol. It is mainly used to measure and control the temperature parameters of industrial process. The current transmitter converts the AC current of the main circuit under test into the standard signal of the constant current ring and continuously conveys to the receiving device. For example, the temperature and humidity transmitter of model AW3010A, Its function is to change resistance signal into voltage signal, input instrument, display temperature and humidity.

III.  Working principle of the temperature transmitter

The temperature transmitter adopts thermocouple and thermal resistance as the temperature measuring element. The output signal from the temperature measuring element is sent to the transmitter module. After the circuit processing, such as steady voltage filter, operation amplification, nonlinear correction and V / I conversion, constant current and reverse protection, etc. The temperature transmitter converts the temperature variable into a transmissible standard output signal, and converts the AC current of the main circuit under test into a constant current loop standard signal, which is continuously transmitted to the receiving device.

IV. Application of temperature transmitters

The temperature transmitter is a kind of instrument which converts the temperature variable into the transmissible standardized output signal. It is also widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, textile, rubber, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, medicine; Food and other industrial field field temperature measurement process control; especially suitable for computer measurement and control system.