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AFS01 micro flow sensor
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Technical parameter

Test gases
air , N2 , O2 , non - corrosive gases
Range specification
20 , 30 , 50 , 100 , 200 , 500 , 1000 , 1200 , 2000 sccm
Operating temperature
-20 ~ + 80 ℃
storing temperature
-40 ~ + 80  ;
as of flow rate
 50 sccm
the flow range
0 - 2000 sccm
zero drift
± 0.2 ~ ± 0.5 %
the response time
20 - 30ms
± 1.5 ~ ± 2 % FS
repeatability ± 0.3 ~ ± 0.5 % FS
Supply voltage


output signal

an ic digital signal / an analog voltage signal

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First, product overview;

AFS01 is a highly accurate and fully calibrated micro-flow sensor for measuring non-corrosive gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, which ensures high reliability and excellent long-term stability.The sensor includes a flow detection element and a high performance CMOS microprocessor with 24bitAD acquisition.The product has excellent quality, super-fast response, strong anti-interference ability, high cost-performance ratio and so on.High integration, very suitable for high quality, mass production requirements, is an ideal choice for users, easy to partner manufacturers of OEM applications.

AFS01 communication mode adopts standard I2C communication mode, ultra small volume, extremely low power consumption,It is the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications. The working voltage AFS01 is 3.3 V. This device can provide low cost and low power advantages for various common application scenarios.The temperature and humidity sensors are calibrated in the high precision constant temperature and humidity chamber. The information of humidity and temperature after temperature compensation is output directly. The user does not need to make temperature compensation to get the accurate temperature and humidity information.

Second, product characteristics;

3.3V low working voltage;

After calibration, the product has the function of temperature compensation.

Adopt MEMS to make process, high reliability;

I2C digital communication interface;

Ultra low power consumption;

No zero drift;

Third, the scope of application;

Instrument measurement, HVAC gas flow monitoring, air conditioning air channel detection, cooling air channel flow control, environmental monitoring, laboratory, etc.